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Swim Lessons

We offer swim classes for all ages and skill levels.  For toddlers to adults, novices to athletes.  All are welcome to our swimming lessons.
Our educated and well trained staff will help you reach you swim goals.

Private Swim Lessons are available for ages three and up, at any ability.
Must see Aquatic Coordinator for instructor and schedule availability.
Multiple participants must be of similar ability Ages: 3 years old and up.


More Options, Better Structure – Kroc Swim Lessons Provide Value! Swim Lesson only
Fee: $45/$54/$59

Free Swim Lesson Assessments are available from 4:30pm - 6:00pm on the following Fridays to help you choose the appropriate level for your child:
• January 12 & 19

• February 16 & 23

• March 23 & 30



Minnows swim! With water comfort obtained in Preschool I, in Preschool II children will learn forward and integrated movement in the water. The class will integrate arm and kick coordination, front and back glides, and submerged object retrieval techniques. Passing participants will be able to jump into water, change direction, and swim back to the wall.


In the Yellow stage, students will have achieved abilities of rotary movement of their body along with direction change. Using their newly obtained skills of forward arm movement and kicks, swimmers will begin to build endurance on their swimming skills and work on complete body rotation. Participants will be introduced to the butterfly stroke and all the fundamentals necessary to perfect the stroke.


Refine your skills in Kroc Swim League! Twice a week children will be coached by experienced Kroc Center swim coaches who break down and critique students’ strokes. Kroc Swim League offers children the opportunity to take the step towards competitive swimming, and to flaunt their skills by competing in an intra-squad swim meet held after each session.

Prerequisite: Participants must be able to swim a minimum of 25 yards unassisted using any competitive stroke.


Swimmers take your mark, GO! In the White stage students will look to perfect the freestyle stroke. Broken down into segments, children learn all the necessary fundamentals of the stroke for the path to perfection. In this stage, rotary breathing is incorporated with pull and kick coordination.


In the Blue stage, students will start to put their skills together to form the base for swimming strokes including freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and introduction to breaststroke. Students will focus on integrated movement transitioning from basic swimming to proper breaststroke form. They will be introduced to the stroke by learning frog kick and proper scooping arm motion for breaststroke. Students will also work in the deep end of the pool learning how to dive in head first and tread water.

Kroc Swim Team

Take your swimming to the next level and build the skills to become a competitive swimmer. Under supervision of experienced Kroc Center swim coaches, competitors will learn the fundamentals to become proficient in freestyle, backstroke, breast stroke, and butterfly. Using these fundamentals, Kroc Swim Team puts these fundamentals to the test and competes against each other and others from pools around the city.

Participants must be able to swim a minimum of 25 meters (5 to 10 year olds) or 50 meters (11 – 14 years) on their own.


In the Red stage, students will begin to become independent swimmers by learning correct body positioning and air recovery. Through learning independent swimming skills in White Star, including streamlining through the water, kicking and breathing on their side, and independent rotary arm and leg movement, participants will be able to move through the water on their front and back. Participants will learn the fundamentals necessary to perfect backstroke. Children will also learn about 911 and how to use general water safety equipment.


Participants will engage in simple activities in order to gain confidence and comfort in the water and in a group setting. This class will provide step-by-step progression focusing on building skills and proper technique for floating, gliding, pulling, kicking and breathing. Participants can also work on achieving personal goals. All swimming abilities welcome!

Reserve up to 2-hours prior to class start time.

Class Descriptions


A swim class for infants and toddlers accompanied by their parents or caregivers. Your little one will adjust to the water in this organized playgroup. Introduce your child to swimming, singing and games that focus on water comfort and basic skills such as water entry, bubble blowing, kicking, floating and underwater exploration. Children must wear swim diapers to enter the pool.


Introduce beginner swimmers to the water in a fun setting. Children are hesitant in the water will join their parent/guardian in a fun adventure at a slower pace. Emphasis will be placed on water comfort and basic water skills. This class will prepare a child to take the white/red class independently without parent involvement.
Adult must accompany child in this class.


Introduce beginning swimmers to the water in a fun setting. Children will learn to be comfortable in the water and will gain confidence through learning basic skills such as blowing bubbles, putting their face in the water, gliding, floating, and kicking. The class will focus on teaching children trust and submersion, as well as body positioning. Sign up now and put your child on the path to becoming a successful swimmer.

100s of classes to choose from.

The Program Guide is the place to look for a variety of one-day and weekly classes. All classes are open to the public.

Look inside for:

View the Drop-in Guide for easy-to-read schedules of all group exercise classes–both on land, and in water!

All classes in the Drop-in guide are free to Gold Members and are included with the purchase of a day pass.




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